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Skylark full size VIOLIN (with case and new bow) £35
B&M Champion Trumpet
(No case)
Buffet Crampon Evette Clarinet
(With case)
Buffet Cooper 228 Flute
(with case)
Stagg EVN 4/4

Electric Violin - Blue
with case
Selmer Flute (Silver)
(With case)
ACV30 Violin Outfit Antoni ACV30
(Full Size)
Antoni ACV31
(3/4 Size)

Offering impressive tone at an affordable price, the Antoni Student Violin Outfit is a superbly crafted instrument, ideal for school and rental use. Featuring a solid spruce top with maple sides and neck and a carved maple back, this violin range offers an ideal path into the world of playing violin. Complete with Brazilwood Antoni bow, canvas covered fitted case and moulded polystyrene interior, plus two shoulder straps and rosin.

We supply these violins, set up ready to play
We stock the ACV30 in Natural or Dark Purple
Palatino Violin Palatino VN440

Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top, Solid Hand Carved Maple Back, Sides, & Neck, Fine Tuner Tailpiece, Ebonized Fittings, Inlaid Purfling, Golden Brown Finish, Violin Rosin, Mongolian Horsehair Bow, Featherweight Suspension Case with Blanket

Available in the following sizes (all the same price):

1/2 size
3/4 size
We supply these violins, set up ready to play
EV-101 Carlo Giordano Silenzia EV-101

Full size electric violin, includes case, bow, rosin and headphones
4/4 size Piezo pick-up with Active EQ
Painted hardwood fingerboard
Ebony pegs
Metal tail piece with 4 adjusters
Accessories included : Case, Bow, Rosin & Headphone
Colour : Natural brown
Flute J Michael

Nickel plated, split E mechanism flute with hard case
AL500 J Michael AL500

Eb Alto Sax with black ABS case
Clear lacquer finish
High F# key
Hero Harmonica Hero Harmonica

Key C. 20 brass reeds, plastic comb.
Red, Blue or Black
Harmonix HX1000 Harmonix HX1000

The Harmonix range of harmonicas is a revolutionary concept and combines the traditional method of playing harmonica with futuristic styling and construction. Each instrument is made up of a cartridge (CX1), housing and a dummy module (BX1). The cartridge system allows for easy key changes whilst the module can be swapped to give amplified playing. This can take the form of either cabled (EX1) or wireless (WX1) operation with the microphone capsule and wireless transmitter being integral in the upgrade module
Chromatic Harmonica Big John Chromatic Harmonica

Key C - Chromatic. 48 Reeds, plastic comb
Big John Harmonica Big John Harmonica

Key C. 20 brass reeds, plastic comb. Silver
Lazy Harmonica Lazy Harmonica

Key G, D or A. 20 brass reeds, plastic comb. Silver
Lee Oskar Lee Oskar Harmonica (Major)

Major Diatonic (10 hole), 20 brass reeds, plastic comb. Silver
Various keys available

recorder Aulos Descant "Blue Bag"

3 Piece descant recorder. Traditional brown/Ivory colour
recorder Aulos Descant "Yellow Bag"

3 Piece descant recorder. Traditional brown/Ivory colour
Recorder Kent Descant

3 Piece descant recorder.
Available in colours: Blue
JHS 700H Recorder JHS 700H

3 piece Treble recorder (F)
JHS 800H Recorder JHS 800H

3 piece Tenor recorder (C)
Ocarina Ocarina

6 hole ocarina, clay body with enameled finish

available in 3 sizes
Panpipes Panpipes

15 note panpipes. Made from precision tuned plastic.
Didgeridoo Didgeridoo

Large carved bamboo didgeridoo
Please note that designs vary
Flageolet Flageolet

Silver or Brass flageolets
various keys
Jaws Harp Jaws Harp

Metal Jaws Harp (Jews Harp)
various sizes
Plastic Kazoo Plastic Kazoo

Plastic kazoo.
Designs vary, current stock are either blue& white or red & white
Metl Kazoo Sub Kazoo

Metal kazoo with replaceable diaphragm
Designs vary, current stock are all metal


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